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早陣子去泰國除了去beauty buffet 之外就是去beauty Cottage了。Beauty Cottage和beauty buffet 分別就是品牌設計上, Beauty Cottage是濃濃的復古風格。就是維多莉時期的復古風格。主打美妝品香水及潤手霜,而beauty buffet走的是可受現代風,主打則美白霜等美白產品。老實地說,現今泰國的設計做得愈來愈好,特別是廣告上都開始上位了。Beauty Cottage 是泰國的本土產品,而且也是泰國製造,而且這個牌子大大標明是不含動物實驗的過程,令我這個動物痴要加分數。

As i had mention before my trip in Bangkok, i visited beauty buffet and beauty cottage at the same time, what is the difference of this two brands? Well is easy to difference, Beauty Cottage S brand image is vintage style, Victorian, main products are cosmetics, perfumes & hand creams. Beauty Buffett's brand image is cute and modern, main products are Whitening Cream. To be honest, i am really appreciate the brand in thailand they did excellent brand design, especially the Advertisement. Beauty cottage is a brand from Thailand, at the same time it is made in Thailand, they indicate their products are no animal testing, that i really appreciate and thumbs up!

Beauty Cottage在曼谷四處都有分店的了,如果想方便點可以好像我去T21的3樓一次掃完kiss me doll, Beauty buffet 和beauty Cottage.

They have several branches in bangkok, but if you want to shop comfortably, you can follow my way, I will shop in Terminal 21 as their 3/F has Kiss me doll scarves, Beauty buffet and beauty cottage in the same area.

1: Beauty Cottage Gorgeous Shadow Palette

Beauty Cottage Gorgeous Shadow Palette

一年前經過beauty Cottage 門口時看到包裝已經覺得,「嘩個盒好鬼靚!」無奈當時覺得已經在beauty buffet 買了盒Palette(Gino Mccray Pro Makeup Palette )怕太多用不完,如今Palette如女人的鞋子一樣,永遠都不會嫌小!一年後既的我和當時的我比較,愈儲愈多了!其實整個Palette組合都是偏向自然大地色,以上都是沒有用打底膏上色,除了matte tone 的眼影很合我意之外,其他的我都覺得很一般!閃粉眼影不是太出色呢我看來會把這Palette當輔助的用好了。

One year ago i passed by beauty cottage and saw this palette, what i have fist in my mind is "what are pretty packaging! but that moment i already bought another palette from beauty buffet (Gino Mccray Pro Makeup Palette ), i was worry about it will be too much palette if i buy it, but now, is never enough for the palette, just like women never get tired with their shoes! Now i have a lot! Actually the palette is  natural earth tone, those swatches are no primer and with 2 stroke. Well i am only satisfied with the Matte tone (Calypso, Medea & Demeter) i think those Glitter is really so so.

2. Victorian Romance, Memories of Love Eau de Parfume.

包裝還是一貫的美及復古!傳說中有聽聞這支香水和chloe classic很相似,像不像很見人見人智,不過我剛好有一支chloe classic, 比較過後比較後沒有覺得很像,不過香味而這個價錢來說質量不太差,粗粗地用完全不心痛!香味持久令就比較差,頂多維持到2-3個小時左右。但基於設計小巧,攜帶方便、以便不時只需。

Well I am still in love with the package! Heard or read from another blogger said this perfume smell is really similar like the Chloe classic, at the same time i got one Chole classic, well well, i dont think is similar, but with this price and quality is not bad, as the price is cheap, don't need to use sparingly haha! But is not really long lasting, only can keep maximum 2-3 hours, but the bottle is small, u can put this in your purse so easily and you can use it when you need it.

3. Brush Bag


this packaging is nice and cheap, i tried on the sample i think the brush is smooth and good! is perfect as a gift!

next time when i am around their shop, i definitely will try their hand cream and Perfume cream.


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