We have Moved!

有一種感覺想開始慢慢地把Happirella做成一個私人的事業或私人的一部份。而Google Blogger的系統開始不能滿足我的需要,特別在SEO上可以說為十分落後,最後便選擇自己架一個blog及轉移為wordpress的平台,因為wordpress的平台比較接近我現在及未來的需要。當然我不是說Google Blogger不好用,只是plug in沒有wordpress這麼好用。


Happirella Blogger文章會完全保留在此,任何更新的只會在wordpress裡進行。wordpress大部份只會以中文內容為實,除了美妝的會中英對照外,其他都只是會以中文為主要內容。

至於followers, 我都會繼續追蹤,但往後新blog 的追蹤只有電郵訂閱或Google + 為主。



So Yes, We have moved!
I started This blog as a hobby at the first begging, but after all i started to love to the feeling when i am blogging, like the feel to share my point of view and a part of the place to express my feeling with the words. But now i am getting serious to turn "Happirella" as part of my small business or part of me. In the main time, i found out, The system of Google Blogger is not satisfied my needs anymore, especially the SEO system is in arrears. At the last, i choose to set up my own Blog and move the the Wordpress system as pretty match for what i need and the future. I like Google Blogger, is simple and easy to use, is just Google Blogger didn't have much plug ins i can add on to develop my site.

I don't know how far would "Happirella" go, or how hard is gonna be, but what i have is the passion with that, i hope "Happirella" will be better, more interesting in the future. All the updates are only on the new site, and the main languages will be in Chinese, except the reviews for the beauty product will be with english, the rest it will be in Chinese. And also, i still will read my followers articles and comment on it, but in the future if you want to follow me please Follow my Google + or subscribe to blog via email.

We are waiting all of you in our new place:

xx, Kiu

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