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You maybe surprised i am keep posting the arctics about eyeshadow palette. Well that is so weird as i don't write this type of arctics and u maybe associate they are free gifts from the PR as a advertising. But i am sorry about that as i am not that famous, so basically they all paid by myself and just want to share to you guys. The reason i got this palette because one my closes friend talk about this from the whatsapp message. I feel interested about it so i bought it and lets have a try! Recently there is lots of brands keep releasing the Nude collection, i think Nude make up style will staying hot for couple years more.

這次的Palette 系列Maybelline 標榜著可以化出13種不同的妝容,分成三個類別,分別是Quads(4層次), Trios(3層次), Duos(二層次)。這樣的分配讓大家可以在不同的場合有不同的配搭。當然我自己通常都是化Trios,Duos因為我眼睛輪廓不是十分的深所以出現次數不多。

Maybelline she flaunt this palette is '13 Looks in one palette'. They differentiate 3 styles, Quads, trios and Duos. This differentiate will simple to let you guys to do mix & match and the different occasion.
But well based on my eye shape, normally i will do the Trios, as my contour of eye shapes is not like western that obvious,Duos for me is really so so!


Well if you are worry dunno how to do it, is okay! Because There is illustrate at the Palette back. Even you are  beginner you can do 13 looks :) 


But yea, I hate the eyeshadow brush which is Included from the palette, you can just ignore it if you have your own brush, and also the brush place still left a lot of spaces! Why Maybelline you are so cheap to not to put a better brush instead of this? And i just unpack this palette and the eyeshadow dropping everywhere!

不過試上皮膚之後我很滿意!至少比Urban Decay 的更滿意。超顯色而且質地十分幼滑,而且顏色很大眾化,就是亞洲人的五官也可以輕易駕馭呢。對我來說有顧及亞洲市場這樣真的很貼心呢(雖然可能沒有啦...也可能是我自己自作多情了吧。)這個Palette 是絕對值得擁有的!HKD138的價錢對剛有對化妝有興趣的你絕對可以入手。

But i am really Satisfied the color after trying the swatches. I feel this is better then Urban Decay Naked Smoky.  The swatches are the results of no primer and with 1 stroke and is pigmentation. And also the palette colors are really easy to carry. For Asian is pretty hard to find a nice palette as we dont have the same eye shape like western do. i am so happy for this i can use all the palette color! This Palette is really worth it. For price is HKD138 and is really a good deal for the beginners!


  1. I was wondering if I should get this palette. It looks beautiful. x

    -Wildfire Charm

  2. you should and don't miss it! Is really worth it ;)


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