Nails of the month - August

8月想做點小清新的指甲,除左Minimal 的風格愈來愈火熱,先由室內設計慢慢延伸到時裝,再到指尖上。我自己做的指甲也開始愈來愈簡單了。本來想使黑白色為主不過上個月做過了而且夏天好像快完了所以還是選擇紅藍白比較鮮明的色彩。不過有朋友笑著說我這次的的設計像法國國旗。好吧我和法國的緣份是不淺不過我沒有想到這麼遠呢,其實同色系的國旗十分多,荷蘭或美國的國旗都是以紅藍白為主要色調。有點離題了,不過大家有興趣想做這一款可以嘗試配上其他顏色看看!一定別有風味呢。

Nails for this month i would like to do something fresh! As Minimal Style is getting hot, started from interior to fashion, then the Nail design. My nail style is getting simple then before, Black and white color was my first idea but i remember i did it at last month, and the summer is leaving soon! So i choose the colors are Red, Blue White as they are pretty sharp. But one of m friend is making fun on me is look like The France Flag, yeah i always happen something with french ( like friends, Bf, work etc!) but i didn't think of that much and i am not that into french style(but i admit i am really into french food!) But yeah there is few flags are using similar color like Holland and USA, Oops! i am a bit out of topic but if you interested about this style, you could try another color and mix a match! Must be cool and funny!


  1. you nails look amazing...great manicure! you inspired me to try something new myself. I have followed you with gfc no.10, so that means we will stay in touch. See you around.


  2. Nice colors! I like this manicure:)
    Ring with crystal looks great!


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