Velvet Manicure, Welcome Fall Winter!

我認我是比較遲,天鵝絨指甲其實都是上一季Ciaté的Velvet Manicure的系列了。 可以查查官網只剩下藍色的了。不過我們偉大的淘寶當然有美甲用的天鵝絨賣,一小瓶都只售 2-3 RMB。不過我個人覺得,好的款式是什麼時間都是可行的,就像一件經典的LBD (Little Black Dress 黑色小洋裝,COCO CHANEL 設計及起源)一樣,雖然款式簡單,可是什麼場合都可以穿,指甲也是同樣道理,簡單優雅的永遠不敗。法式指甲還是一眾女生會選擇的款式。

hahah I know i am late to do this, actually the Velvet Manicure is the collection from Ciaté at last year Fall Winter. If you check the official website you can see they only have the blue color. But for sure from The china online trading platform - TaoBao we can find something slimier ( or exactly the same! ), a little bottle of Velvet only sell 2-3 RMB. In my point of view, is never too late if this is a nice style. Just like LBD (Little Black Dress), is simple but it suit any moment. For me i think the nail art is same, simple, classy and elegant is always in the trend. Just like the french nails, we always love French nails.
The Velvet Manicure is really suit the Autumn and winter very well, recently i can feel the Autumn in Hong Kong, So i would love to change my nail to ready the season. Thanks for my Colleague borrow the Velvet set <3 


Okay for this Manicure please prepare 4 tools:
your Velvet, your Nail polish which is match with your Velvet ,Tweezer, paper or anything you can put the velvet on. 


 I choose to use a box cover which is useless, the first thing just put the velvet quantity as you need. (haha sorry this a bit too much for this, for me just pick the size as big as a coin is fine for 1 hand) 

建議大家慢慢來,一隻手指做完再做下一隻手指。 當然我們先塗指甲油。 (對不起我塗出界了...)

i suggest you should take it easy for this manicure, step by step for one finger, first lets paint your nail.


Second use your Tweezer to put some Velvet on your nail, remember you have to be fast, if you are too slow, the nail polish can't hold the velvet well, cause is already dry. and also if you too slow the velvet will so easy to drop out. 


when you put the Velvet please make sure you have to  press it and tow some to the space which is no velvet yet. Anyway just make sure is smooth, if you Uneven, is not pretty at all. 




don't forget to recycle your velvet which is left over, then you can use it next time and not be wasted 


The last question can the Velvet Manicure wash the hair or touch the water? i can tell you - YES!

如果你把 天鵝絨壓得很實基本上洗手也沒有問題,不會掉,天鵝絨濕了也很快的乾。

if you really did very smooth for your Velvet Manicure, i can say is no problem for washing hands and not even drop any off
Only thing  a bit hard to remove. But is in a reasonable range.


i hope you like the Tutorials today!
See you next time ;) 

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