Never come back! Bye CHOies.com! It's a lie!

最近大家一定在不同的網頁看到同樣網上時裝店的廣告。他們都是來自 - CHOIES.com。而且都不停在打廣告,廣告都設計十分歐美化而且美觀,打做成一個十分吸引及安心的購物平台。而我也是其中一個。雖然價錢不是說太貴。而且我也是趁著減價才買的。

Did u seen this advertisement when u are browsing some sites or Facebook? Look at their Ad seems they have a good price to shop! Yes, today I would like to talk about - CHOies.comTheir advertisement are showing up everywhere, they builded up their brand image in a very nice an safe impressions. I was one of the customer who got achieved from their AD. The prices in CHOies.com is okay. I took my first ordered when they were doing summer sales. 

發現到Look Book 有一班顧客給予正評,但老實說運送速度是超差!很差!買的時候明明就保證24小時內發貨!竟然給我拖了兩星期都沒有發貨、最後只是發了一封電郵說我的價件暫時沒貨,會送我折扣優惠,最後我卻等了有一個月多!差不多的價錢我早知道我去ASOS買好了。而且快很多!

I checked at their lookbook seems there is many bloggers/ buyers gave them a very good rankings. But to be honest is a lie! The shipping speed was terrible. When I was ordering, they Promised will send out in 24 hours. But I waited for 2 weeks and my order status still in pending and the same time they sent me a mail is about one of my dress is out of stock (hey wait a second, wasn't a summer sale? In this case u should refund me! Not asking me to wait the factory! Weird!)  and just say I will have a discount for next time. Actually with this price i would like to shop at ASOS, and is faster! 


I talked to the customer service (they called live chat) to push them to send out the order, but at the last I waited for a month. I was totally forget about this order and they send this to me just like a surprise. Well, I am so pissed after I saw the package! 

真的很要命,明明是外國網站卻用SF EXPRESS? Sf Express 是中國大陸的公司來,再看看地址,我被騙了! 廣州?好一個廣州!你他媽的美國網站卻是用SF! 你選擇UPS、FEDEX我都沒有這樣生氣!(本來我就拍好罪證可是相機記憶卡壞了都不知去向了。) 但我在在他們的facebook page 找到有人有我同一樣問題的受害者。

I was like,"what the hell? " CHOies.com  supposed is a online store located in USA but they are using SF express, I alway shop in taobao (taobao is a online shopping platform in China,  It just like Amazon) and I know this SF express is a Chinese company and all the shop from taobao or the office in China, they are using SF express ship their products to Hong Kong or Taiwan. Which is CHOies.com is impossible out of Asia! And I checked the address and I found it out, this is a joke! How come a online store located in USA is using SF express? Well what I know, normally they are using UPS, DHL or FedEx. And the shipper is from Guangdong, China!  Seriously? ( I did took some of the pictures to proved but unfortunately my SD card have some problem and they all gone :( )


The packing is okay for me. I have no feeling about it. But is just too simple and rough. Is so weird as I don't see any logo or information (like you can see on H&M/ F21/ Topshop Jewelry pack) on their packaging and the quality is so bad! Their is one necklace is broken when i received.


And how about the clothes? I ordered 4 pcs of that, there is two is made with chiffon. But is really ridiculous, they all are flimsy! It just like see through. How I supposed to put this on? Everybody would see my underwear or my bra. Please don't tell me to put the Bottoming underwear , you have no idea how hot is in Hong Kong and that's the reason I bought this kind of style for the summer. What's the point to put Bottoming underwear ?


And what disgusted me the most! Look at this, the pad! There position are totally wrong. Is funny I bought the same dress from taobao and is because the same reason and it turns to be my Pajamas  As CHOies.com's price is 30 hkd more, That moment I will like to have a try and see the qulaity is it better. Well is the same! Totally proved CHOies.com they are selling the clothes are same things like taobao but in a way expensive price.


This seems okay, but the zip is stuck. No matter how hard I try to pull it is still stuck. I did used lot of ways to try to pull this zip and even asked my friends to help me, but what now? Is just strong like a stone.


Shame on this one as well, i bought Size M just in case, but normally i could put Size S with this kinda of playsuit. Well but they even couldn't cover my boobs, and there is the same problem for the fabric, too flimsy! I know it is a kind of trend in this year but doesn't mean I have this kinda of hot body to put this on. Well the point is, is not the same as like the preview picture! And all the stranger would see my underwear again if I put this on. Can't you just use cotton or some other material is not flimsy, please?


Maybe you shopped at their and didn't find any problems with that, well i just can say please don't buy which is made with silk or chiffon please don't take it! But i found there is some problem with other fabric on the facebook page.


  1. 他們通常都沒有自己的模特兒去拍示範圖、網站上的示範圖全都風格參次。
  2. 買之前請去Facebook page看看有沒有人留言、如果在品質上、退款上及運送上有不好的評語請小心!又或者沒有任何評語不排除他們禁止留言。

I found out their is so many same kind of online store and all of their market audience is US or Europe, if you find out the product is very cheap and written by english please beware.

  1. They don't have their own image girl or Model Figure to show the cloth, and their picture style is not Consistency.
  2. Please check their Facebook page to see the comment is their any bad comments, if their is so comments is about bad quality, refund and shipping issue is in a bad ranking please beware.

希望這次的分享令你們對劣質的購物平台有點小了解、我也不希望會陸續有受害者出現!下次再見 :) 

Hope this sharing can to understand poor quality online store, I wouldn't like to see there is some ppl have a same problem like mine, Hope u guys have a nice weekend, enjoy and see you until next post ;)


  1. I knew about the poor quality of this shop :(
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    1. yes please tell your friends do not shop at there
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  6. Love everything you’re wearing – and I love those extra photos!

  7. Great post! Thanks for sharing this dear, very useful for us who loves to online-shopping :D
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    1. Sure thanks and hope this is useful for you! :)

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  10. Thanks for telling us about how this store is! It's a shame their service is so bad

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  11. This is so sad! It sucks when a store is like this!


  12. So sad! I asked them for collaboration a year ago, I am glad that they answered me no.
    Online stores always have poor quality.

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  13. p.s. I have to say that some people who commented here also are so poor because they didn't read the post at all!!!
    I hate when people do that!!

    1. Yea in someway that sad :/
      Actually i know my english is not that Good, but i am trying my best to share my post to every nationality.
      But is okay i am happy for your understanding too :D

  14. oh dear, this sounds like an awful shop!! Yikes! Thanks for the honest review!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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  16. i always buy on choies, love this shop
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  17. Thanks so much for sharing! Super useful post. Had no idea choies was like this

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  18. Thanks for your post! so detailed and helpful!

  19. Love your blog style dear!

  20. I had a pants from them and was cool


  21. this is really great post.
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  22. Oooh the quality is really poor ! ;(

  23. Hi:)
    Thanks for that post I've never ordered from choies but now i will never ever try that shop out.
    I had really bad experiences with dresslink. the clothes came wet and with mold all over it. It was disgusting.
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  24. I never ordered in this shop because I'm afraid that kind of shops...

    1. Yes and you are smart, i learned from this and hopefully never happen again!

  25. Wow, this is bad!! I´m glad I found your blog.

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